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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home Sweet Trailer

As we prepare to merge our lives into one, we are also making the decision to "live like no one else." Inspired by Dave Ramsey and his counterparts, along with our personal convictions to be wise stewards of our finances, we have devised a plan to live in a 30' camp trailer for the first two years of our marriage to accomplish our mission to be debt free.

Surprisingly, many people have been very supportive of this plan. I anticipated a lot of wide-eyed responses laden with warnings about the stressors of marriage and living in tight spaces. I am looking forward to the challenge of living in a small space, along with being newly married. I figure if we don't know any different, it might not be as difficult. I'm sure there will be days when we will be really tired of it, but I also know the end result is by far worth the means. I'm especially looking forward to indulging my type-A side with clever organizing ideas and keeping everything clean & tidy. There will be no room to "let things go" in this space!

Stay tuned, I'm sure the "buzz" will be dotted with several posts about our life in our beloved miniature home!

Much Love,

Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Life

For many years now, you knew Frank as "just" Frank, or Alita as "just" Alita. Now we'd like you to get to know "Frank and Alita." Our long distance relationship & engagement has made it difficult for our friends to know "us" so we'd like to give you that chance as we begin our lives together. The most fun part of the journey? We'll be getting to know "us" even better ourselves!

So join us as we explore what it's like to be married, to live simply while we pay off debt, to try new recipes, to find fun things to do in Austin, and to grow in our faith as we grow together.

Thank you so much for your love and support of us as individuals so far. We can't wait to make trips to visit our friends and family all over the country in the coming years!

Much Love,
Frank & Alita