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Saturday, April 9, 2011

a meaningful gift

Getting married is so much fun, for many reasons of course! One being, the creative gifts that people come up with. I have been so impressed with a shadow box of our wedding invitation & engagement photo, a photo collage that spells our last name, and the most recent one came in the mail today from my Uncle Don.

If you know my uncle, you may be groaning right now with the anticipation of what he has come up with. He is my quintessential unique uncle, who walks to the beat of his own drum. Every family needs one. I have more than one, but we'll save those details for another time. ;)

Uncle Don thoughtfully and lovingly sent me a framed photo of my grandmother's high school graduation photo from 1942, along with her favorite cook book, "Woman's Home Companion Cook Book," copyright 1945. The book was most likely purchased as a wedding gift for my grandmother. It is filled with food stains and handwritten notes, as well as every section tabbed by my highly organized grandmother herself. I love it! My Grandma Dorothy (Tombleson) was the last of my grandparents to pass away in 2005. I am sad to not have any of them alive today to celebrate with Frank and me, but it is so special to have something that she cherished and used to raise her family as I embark on my own journey into marriage & family.

Much Love,